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Water and Wastewater

The quality of water now and in the future depends on careful and skillful development of today's water resources.  Our clients in the water sector depend on us to offer cost-effective solutions to developing and maintaining safe drinking water and keeping potable water supplies dependable for established communities and growing populations.  To meet their needs, we employ the latest technology in design and construction management so that communities can tap water resources and expand or upgrade facilities for pumping, storage and distribution. 

HAKS offers clients more than 20 years of experience in the engineering design and construction management of medium- to large-scale municipal and private water projects, including rehabilitation of aging water infrastructure, drainage and flood control, wastewater management, hydraulic and hydroelectric facilities, and clean water supply. We plan, design and provide construction management and inspection, surveying and mapping, material testing and special inspections of dams, watersheds, stream restoration, spillways, reservoirs, aqueducts, tunnels, drainage systems, stormwater runoff, storage and disposal, and water and wastewater treatment plants—projects that require close coordination with governmental and municipal agencies to ensure a reliable supply of quality water and the effective removal and management of wastewater.

With an eye to the future, HAKS applies sustainable technology to the design of water infrastructure and conducts hydraulic and hydrology engineering studies for stormwater management and flood control structures.  Our projects protect and enhance environmentally sensitive areas via open and enclosed drainage systems, detention basins, stormwater controls, landscaping, erosion control and other Best Management Practices. Our water resources professionals are keenly aware of federal, state and local statutes and regulatory requirements that enable projects to proceed seamlessly while protecting the environment. 

In the area of wastewater, HAKS provides services for new plant construction as well as rehabilitation, upgrade and expansion of existing wastewater treatment plants.  Our projects address collection systems, sludge management and dewatering facilities, floatables and residuals management, stormwater and combined sewer overflows.

We have an excellent track record of managing wastewater projects within strict environmental regulations, and we collaborate with clients to deliver the technologies and infrastructure that reduce water and land pollution and preserve the natural environment.