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Architecture/Facilities Design

HAKS’ architectural studio provides full design and construction phase services for new and existing facilities. We employ state-of-the-art technology such as BIM and conceptual 3D modeling, and QA/QC is an integral component of all that we do. Our staff has a broad range of experience working within many project types, sizes and geographic locations. We work within a studio environment where collaboration is key to our design and production process. We approach each project with a holistic design and construction process that blends the creativity, technical expertise, dedication and experience of a diverse team of professionals. Our unique combination of experience and knowledge underlies our ability to quickly resolve client concerns and technical issues, thus keeping projects on schedule and within budget. The goal of our team is to maximize project value and to minimize maintenance and operating costs. In 2015, HAKS ranked 194 on Architectural Record’s Top 300 Architecture Firms.

We recognize the importance of decisions made early in the design process with regard to cost and overall quality and work very hard to ensure that the correct decisions are made and are clearly communicated to all stakeholders. The objective of this effort is to minimize the need for changes late in the design process, when such changes are decidedly less effective, which could compromise the quality or scope of the project.

Architecture is fundamentally about the translation of social interaction into a building. The measure of its success is the way in which it is used and the degree to which it achieves an identifiable presence.  HAKS does not favor any particular style–every design is motivated by the unique characteristics of the client.  The diversity of our design solutions reflects this approach.  The client’s goals and objectives, the proposed program and site characteristics contribute to forming the building.  Ultimately, each building emerges from its context to take on a presence and definition that is unique.

We only present time-tested and thoroughly researched options to decision-makers. Economy and design are not mutually exclusive; they are balanced through “value.” Through the creative combination of easily available and durable materials and carefully selected colors, an exciting design can be enhanced at minimal cost.