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Transportation and Infrastructure

HAKS helps private- and public-sector clients to plan and design all forms of transportation infrastructure—bridges, highways and roadways, mass transit and railroads, tunnels, ports and marine and aviation—to improve the communities in which we live and work while at the same time enhancing social, economic and environmental conditions.

Our quality-focused engineers, many of whom are LEED and CCM certified, solve complex technical issues with innovative ideas that save our clients time and money. Their skills are applied to surface transportation and utility infrastructure projects specifically related to the design of highways, bridges, railroads, airports, city streets, subways and terminals.  Surface-related designs include roadways, paths, sidewalks, curbs, grading, street lighting, traffic signals, maintenance and protection striping, and signage.  Subsurface infrastructure design includes hydrology and hydraulics for drainage, design of water supply and trunk mains, sanitary and combined sewers, and private utility networks.

Regardless of the type of project, HAKS’ professionals help optimize the use of funds, develop and control the scope of work, develop master and individual project schedules, allocate risks, optimize project delivery options to suit client needs, and develop claims avoidance techniques. Each project further enhances the firm’s reputation for quality work that is a blend of function, aesthetics and cost management.