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Recent Wins

New Jersey Turnpike 2017 Bridge Inspection Program

Continuing our long history of working with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, HAKS has been awarded a one-year contract to perform biennial inspection and evaluation services on highway bridges and sign structures on the New Jersey Turnpike mainline from Interchange 13 to the northern terminus via the western spur (Milepost 99 to 122). The project consists of routine and in-depth inspections of 174 bridges and 88 sign structures. Additionally, underwater inspections will be performed at 16 bridges in addition to underwater high-resolution 3D sonar scanning and soil analysis at one structure with a history of significant scour.

The project involves extensive maintenance of traffic and night work and intensive coordination with NJTA’s Operations and Maintenance Departments, state and local police, and various railroad agencies. We are also reviewing inspection files for all pertinent structure and inventory data; identifying fracture-critical members, maintenance history, and new developments; and pinpointing special areas of concern. HAKS is performing 100-percent hands-on inspection of fracture-critical members and fatigue-prone details and non-destructive testing as required. All bridges are receiving full routine National Bridge Inspection Standards and element-level inspections concurrently.

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Inspection of 123 State-Owned Overhead Sign Structures

HAKS is providing structural inspection and non-destructive testing services to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) under a one-year contract for initial inventory for newly built signs and structural inspection of older aluminum and steel highway signs located along state, local, and interstate roadways mainly in Middlesex and Somerset counties in central New Jersey. HAKS is inspecting structures including cantilever, span (overpass), and variable message signs. Two-person teams are conducting field inspections in accordance with NJDOT and Federal Highway Administration standards.

Our role in this project includes hands-on and visual inspection and non-destructive testing; documentation of structural conditions and recommendations; identification of critical hazard deficiencies, notifying NJDOT of Priority One and Priority Two repair recommendations, and maintaining lane closures for NJDOT emergency repair crews; and extensive coordination and scheduling with NJDOT, access equipment suppliers, traffic management, and state and local police.

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Replacement/Upgrade of Petroleum Storage Tanks in City-owned Sites

HAKS is part of the New York City Department of Design and Construction’s continuing effort to bring all underground tanks in city-owned sites to compliance with applicable local, state and federal legislation. Work will be conducted employing the design/build method of delivery in which construction managers are responsible for investigation, assessment, design and implementation of the resulting designs through abatement, upgrade and/or replacement of the tanks.

HAKS will develop a project-specific quality management plan and work to coordinate inter-agency activities. As excavation work adds noise, odors, dust and other disturbances, HAKS will address these issues and carry out tasks necessary to protect the community so daily activities and the environment are minimally impacted.

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Newtown Creek Nature Walk

HAKS has been awarded the contract to provide Construction Management services for two projects: Newtown Creek Nature Walk Phase II (Walkway) and Phase III (Garden).

Phase II includes continuation of the Nature Walk that was started in Phase I, beginning at Whale Creek Canal and terminating at the Phase III garden, where utilities and asphalt will be replaced by a new gated and fenced garden that will include walkways, shaded benches, drinking fountains, lighting, signage, a utility enclosure, and a unique stormwater retention structure.

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Water Street Corridor Streetscape Improvements

HAKS will be providing CM services—including in-depth constructability reviews and design critique, schedule management, value engineering, procurement, utility coordination, and community liaison—to create a more pedestrian-oriented environment along the Water Street Corridor from Whitehall to Fulton Street. Project elements include remodeling and redevelopment of the existing Whitehall and Coenties Slip plazas, installation of Silva Cell planters, sidewalk widening, and bumpout street corners to improve pedestrian traffic flow and safety. The project also includes full reconstruction of Moore Street to remediate damage from Superstorm Sandy.

The project is the initial step in a series of projects that the NYCEDC will carry out to improve the Water Street Corridor and the use of privately owned public spaces (POPS).

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East Park Reservoir Special Inspections

Philadelphia’s East Park Reservoir supplies about half the customers of the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD). After years of disuse, PWD has decided to upgrade the reservoir. HAKS is providing special inspections of soil, concrete, rebar, structural steel, and masonry for this multi-year, $78 million project. The project, our first for the client, began in early 2016, and includes the construction of four new concrete holding tanks (each 400 feet in diameter) and the replacement of two 60-million-gallon-capacity holding tanks originally built in the mid-1800s.

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New York City School Construction Authority Construction Management Staffing and Consulting Services

To meet the needs of burgeoning student enrollment at New York City public schools, the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) intends to create approximately 44,000 new student seats over the course of its 2015-2019 Capital Plan. In order to help accomplish this goal, HAKS will provide construction management (CM) professional contingent and temporary staffing and consulting services to furnish appropriately experienced CM personnel to SCA as the need arises. Staffing positions include project officers, assistant project officers, schedulers, estimators, and expediters.

In addition to our currently available CM personnel, the SCA will also have access to other HAKS in-house employees such as building conditions assessment and school design staff.

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Offorbys Centers of Positive Engagement

HAKS is a project management consultant for the first phase of Offorbys' entertainment center network, to eventually encompass more than 1,400 towns and cities in India over the next five years and become the "reason to smile" for millions of people.  The initiative involves the following elements:

  • Entartica—a mix of amusement, entertainment, adventure, water sports, gaming and food courts
  • Spree—to be the largest inventory holder of mall space by 2020
  • Chowk—family entertainment, including sports and a community hall
  • Chowkstar—a world-class movie experience

We are currently working on The Third Kingdom at Entartica.


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June 5th Memorial Park

On June 5, 2013, a building undergoing demolition collapsed onto a neighboring Salvation Army Store on the corner of 22nd and Market Streets in Philadelphia, killing six people and injuring many others. The Philadelphia community has come together to build a park of healing and remembrance on that site. Three tall granite stones with two windows each–one to represent each of the victims–will make up the memorial. The victims' names will be etched into the granite. HAKS will provide special inspections and material testing of soil, concrete, rebar, structural steel, and masonry for the construction of this permanent memorial to honor these victims.

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Special Inspections for FEMA Superstorm Sandy Mitigation Projects

Several New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) hospitals suffered extensive flood damage during 2012’s Superstorm Sandy. Bellevue Hospital, for example, had to resort to bucket brigades to supply fuel for its emergency generators when its basement pumps were inundated, and eventually had to use the National Guard to evacuate many of its patients.

Other HHC hospitals damaged by Sandy include Metropolitan Hospital, Coney Island Hospital, and Coler Hospital. HAKS is providing its full array of special inspections services to HHC and the New York City Economic Development Corporation for infrastructure and resiliency improvements to more thoroughly prepare these hospitals for future storms. HHC is using FEMA funding to repair and flood-proof these facilities.

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