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NYCT Batch Plant Inspections

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>MTA New York City Transit

HAKS is providing New York City Transit (NYCT) comprehensive daily concrete batch plant inspections for projects throughout New York City. Batch plant inspections are a critical beginning to the process of installation of permanent concrete in NYCT capital and improvement programs. Major expansions such as the No. 7 Subway line, Second Avenue Subway, and East Side Access are dependent on custom-designed mixed concrete for their structural integrity. 

Our services are delivered 24/7 to batch plants in as many as 20 different locations in a given day, with over 50 variable design mixes and cubic yardage from four to 1,000. Our inspector services include providing and recording gradations, cement, sand, stone, water, fly ash, silica fumes, slag and indication of moisture content percentages per gallons. HAKS’ inspectors also record any water added at the plant and their types vs. the allowable per load/gallons. In addition, we monitor and note concrete truck gauges and load yards shipped out. 

The entire program is dynamic, with HAKS assigning a dedicated group of field inspectors and project managers with certifications and expertise in aggregates, and providing up-to-the-minute information to NYCT regarding acceptable batched material. Our inspectors also provide immediate feedback on material that does not meet design requirements and that is recommended for rejection. HAKS created customized numerical inspection tickets that apprise NYCT, the field and the plants of our findings.