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SCA Special Inspections and Material Testing


HAKS is providing Special Inspection and Material Testing services as part of a multi-year $27 million contract with the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA). Our inspectors conduct all special and progress inspections across a number of different SCA projects, the combined total of which exceeds $600 million in construction costs. HAKS is currently working on more than 550 such projects across New York City. 

The firm employs over 150 special inspectors and lab technicians who are properly qualified and certified to perform every inspection required by the SCA. Many of these individuals will work on SCA inspections over the course of this contract. 

Staff are assigned to SCA projects as needed and in the specialties required for the assignment. Their responsibilities include managing and resolving all non-conformance items that are found, each of which is brought to the immediate attention of the contractor or, if necessary, the owner or Architect or Engineer of Record, for information and action. Our staff also provides field inspections for such items as concrete, concrete test cylinders, steel, structural steel, fireproofing, firestops, fire-resistant rated construction, masonry, erection and bolting, soils, pile foundations, curtain wall, mechanical systems, structural safety, heating systems, preliminary energy code compliance and final inspection.