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  • Melville, NY
  • Iselin, NJ
  • Ossining, NY
  • Mount Laurel, NJ

Five-Borough Sewer Mapping


HAKS, as a team member, provided surveying and mapping services for sewer lines throughout New York City for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Existing sewer drawings—sanitary, storm and combined—were converted into a digital GIS database and updated from surveys of existing field conditions in each of the five boroughs. The updated GIS database enabled us to prepare a GIS map of the city-wide sewer system.

For each manhole in the system, our survey crews determined the rim size, manhole type and condition, number of pipe connections, pipe material and pipe size. We also collected data on invert elevation and direction of flow.

Due to large amounts of missing information, the random nature of manhole distributions, and the general lack of monuments and benchmarks in the areas being surveyed, we applied GPS technology to locate all drainage structures in the New York State Plane Coordinate System and NAVD88. HAKS’ survey crews collected manhole attributes for more than 10,000 sewer manholes, and located and prepared sketches for each. In addition to updating the citywide sewer system inventory, the information gathered may be used for system management applications, the location and type of flowmeters, and installation details and methods.