• Corporate HQ, NY
  • Melville, NY
  • Iselin, NJ
  • Ossining, NY
  • Mount Laurel, NJ

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation Restore Corridors


HAKS was a member of the team providing services for the Restore Corridors beautification project for the City of Philadelphia through the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC). We provided horizontal and vertical mapping for 53 total city blocks equal to 31,800 linear feet of city roadway mapping. A critical component of the project was to ensure that commuters were not negatively impacted and that the safety of all workers and pedestrians was maintained at all times.

The project involved mapping all existing features within the right-of-way for all corridors assigned, including curbs, sidewalks, utilities, lighting, signs and other features scheduled for improvement and reconstruction. HAKS employed state-of-the-art global positioning system surveying grade instruments along with conventional robotic total station instruments. All field data was collected with electronic data collectors and sent to the office via on-site laptop computers, allowing us to deliver the product to the client in a timely and seamless fashion.

To ensure the safety of field crews, pedestrians and motorists, HAKS established a strict MPT program at the start of the project.