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Manayunk Canal Surveying

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania<br style='line-height:2px'>Philadelphia Water Department

HAKS performed boundary and topographic land surveys for the Manayunk Canal at the Flat Rock Dam on the Schuylkill River as part of the team for the Philadelphia Water Department, which commissioned the project for design of proposed canal inlet improvements located in the Manayunk section of the city. The project site covers approximately 8 acres and consists of the mainstream channel of the Manayunk Canal downstream of the dam. The canal inlet gate control structure and canal lock were included within the survey limits. 

HAKS used Leica 1230 GPS survey-grade equipment and conventional total stations to establish horizontal and vertical control. GPS observations were post-processed using the latest Leica LGO software. Additional control points were set for future construction of the site on a closed traverse and bench loop.

We collected the following information and presented it on our topography survey plans: 

  • Locations of buildings, bridges, endwalls, dams, concrete pads, fences, retaining walls, stream revetments, pavement and curb lines
  • Horizontal and vertical locations of the canal with points collected along the flow path at 50-foot intervals and at angle points and bends
  • Sanitary sewer manholes, storm sewer grates and manholes, headwalls and outfalls with elevations within the project area 

The existing features were located and shown on the completed topography plans using AutoCAD Civil 3D (2011). HAKS used the Leica 3D scanner to generate point cloud data of the existing canal control. Survey work also involved collecting data for canal cross-sections and topography in the area of the proposed canal outlet structure further downstream near Lock Street.