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Gilboa Dam Land Surveying


A HAKS-led joint venture is providing Construction Management services for the reconstruction of the Gilboa Dam located at the north end of the Schoharie Reservoir in the northern Catskill Mountains—the firm’s largest construction management project to date.  The dam consists of a 155-foot-high by 1,326-foot-long stair-stepped spillway with a 3- to 5-foot-thick masonry façade.  The NYCDEP initiated an overall $400 million project to extend the life of the dam and bring it into compliance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation safety standards.

HAKS is performing all land surveying operations to support the CM team in verification, quantity analysis, quality control and problem resolution, including: 

  • Horizontal traverses and large-scale vertical bench loops that fully integrate the entire construction project into one database for construction tracking.
  • Leica 3D high-definition laser scanning to obtain accurate topographical mapping, including the vertical surfaces of the dam walls. This technology has provided a quick and accurate solution to obtaining measurements that were previously too dangerous or impossible to measure.
  • Various horizontal and vertical plan verifications to ensure conformance with approved plans and specifications.
  • Use of AutoCAD Civil 3D software, in conjunction with Leica Cyclone scanning processing software to process digital terrain models to create ground surfaces and surfaces of the dam’s vertical walls.

 HAKS supplies project reports on an ongoing basis to the CM team to aid in construction supervision.