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Lemoine Avenue and Center Avenue Bridges at the George Washington Bridge

Fort Lee, New Jersey<br style='line-height:2px'>Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

HAKS performed surveys for the two bridges that carry Lemoine Avenue and Center Avenue over the traffic lanes to and from the George Washington Bridge. HAKS’ survey team established a horizontal and vertical baseline for each bridge. For the deck survey, the project team obtained the required cross-section elevations using a combination of traditional survey methods and 3D laser scanning.

By employing 3D laser scanning, we were able to obtain dimensions in remote areas where traditional methods were impractical. The complexity of the site and volume of traffic required the survey teams to perform laser scanning at night with complete lane closures. Traditional observations in critical areas served as a check on the scan data and strengthened the measurements. 

Project elements included: 

  • Deck cross-sections taken at all bridge joints and at 20-foot intervals between the joints
  • Elevations taken at the fascia, center and top of sidewalk, top and bottom of curb, on the lane lines and centerline of the roadway
  • A digital terrain model of the bridge surface with contours at 0.2-foot intervals
  • Elevations taken at the bottom of steel and concrete supports and the top of bearing seats at all abutments and piers
  • The location and dimension of minimum vertical clearances at each span
  • A survey of visible and accessible utilities attached to the underside of the structures