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Archer Avenue Infrastructure Improvements

Queens, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>Greater Jamaica Development Corporation

HAKS is part of a team providing a design and engineering study for infrastructure improvements to Archer Avenue from 147th to 150th Streets in Queens, one of two study sites. Both sites are characterized by poor traffic flow and a discouraging environment for pedestrians.  The overall project area is characterized by 70 potential brownfield sites in the environs of the JFK AirTrain Station in Jamaica.

The engineering study addresses pedestrian safety, efficient traffic flow and public transit connections with targeted streetscape improvements that are most likely to increase the area’s viability for private investment and development. HAKS’ work will support applications for capital funds to complete final design and construction. The Archer Avenue preliminary design includes: topographical and utility surveys with complete subsurface evaluation, traffic survey and analysis and data collection; development of two or more design alternatives and presentation to stakeholders; advancement of the approved design to a preliminary level; cost estimates; project report for use in seeking public funds; and agency approvals.