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Fiterman Hall Surveying

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>DASNY/CUNY/Borough of Manhattan Community College

HAKS performed a property line, topographical, utility and right-of-way survey to support the joint venture involved in the demolition and replacement of the CUNY dormitory at W. Broadway and Park Place in Lower Manhattan, which was damaged on September 11th. The progress of the survey was slowed by necessary precautions due to the contamination of the building and surrounding areas. 

Challenges of the utility survey were compounded by the MTA subway line and by the addition and replacement of ducts and mains due to nearby rebuilding and repairs.

The property line and topographical survey included:

  • Topographical base map and cross-section survey of all four surrounding streets (West Broadway, Greenwich Street, Park Place and Barclay Street) with elevations on all utility hardware
  • Street-level utility survey and mapping including subway line in W. Broadway
  • Right-of-way research and mapping
  • Location of all building corners with offsets to the nearest property line
  • Spot elevation survey of the basement level
    within the building 

The horizontal coordinate system and vertical datum adopted for the project are based on monuments and benchmarks established by the Borough of Manhattan President’s Office.