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NYCT Local Law 11/98

Brooklyn, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Transit

HAKS provided New York City Local Law 11/98 façade inspections for this 13-story building in downtown Brooklyn, as well as architectural and structural engineering services under a contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority/New York City Transit Authority in 2008.

The law requires the periodic inspection of the exterior facades of all buildings in New York City that are greater than six stories high. These inspections must be performed every 5 years by a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect, or under their direct supervision.

The inspection was carried out with binoculars from ground level or from nearby building roofs. In addition, besides the visual inspections at least one close-up inspection from scaffolding was performed on one façade. The physical examination from a scaffold, termed a “critical inspection,” was necessary for obtaining a representative sample of the condition of the exterior walls.

Inspection results were then reported to the Transit Authority. The report consisted of Department of Buildings Form TR 6, which describes the building and its location. It provides other general information, which is filled in by the building owner and the engineer or architect who conducted the inspection. Another part of the report provides a written description of the inspection findings, which are classified under one of three categories:

  • Safe – in which the building façade has no hazardous conditions and will require no repairs before the next building cycle inspection;
  • Safe, with maintenance and repair program required – in which some repairs are required that must be done before the next inspection cycle;
  • Unsafe – in which an immediate danger is noted and repairs must be undertaken within 30 days. The building owner is informed immediately of the unsafe condition or conditions, and the Department of Buildings is notified of the unsafe condition so that it can verify that the repair is made.

HAKS has completed the façade inspections and declared this building unsafe due to cracking and spalling of stone facades and cracked glass windows. A comprehensive report of the conditions was prepared and filed with the New York City Department of Buildings.