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Renovation of Educational Spaces into Computer/Technology Labs


HAKS is providing on-call architectural and engineering services to the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) for various rehabilitation projects in accordance with its proposed capital improvement program. Capital improvements advanced within the program consist of a wide range of design and construction projects including interior renovations, system(s) replacements and reconfiguration of existing school buildings. Other work may focus on building exterior repairs and replacements to safeguard existing buildings from water infiltration, façade deterioration and site/landscape improvements.

In buildings that are occupied, interior work continues to be one of the most challenging undertakings because of the paramount concern for child and staff safety while the work is being performed. The SCA has developed extensive protocols to perform the most intrusive renovation/reconstruction work over the summer months and simpler repair/replacement projects after normal school hours during the year.

To date, HAKS has designed over 20 computer/technology labs under this contract. The work usually entails reconfiguration of the physical space, complete interior renovation including floors, ceilings, lighting, power distribution, HVAC, and fire suppression. The rooms are approximately 1,200 square feet to accommodate 30 student work stations and a teaching station. Other features usually include interactive smart-boards, overhead projectors and projection screens for classroom instruction, bookshelves, and various tables, desk and chairs to accommodate smaller group learning environments.