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Gravesend Houses Superstorm Sandy Recovery


Gravesend Houses in Brooklyn is a New York City Housing Authority development composed of 15 seven-story masonry buildings. As part of a Superstorm Sandy Recovery Project, HAKS is designing a new elevated boiler plant, providing standby generators and flood-proofing buildings, as well as performing a condition assessment of the brick facades, roofs and windows.

Previous façade restorations to the 1954-era buildings had produced an irregular appearance from patch work. In addition, the existing building envelope does not contain insulation. The ongoing energy loss resulted in a very inefficient, uncomfortable living environment. A full energy modeling study conducted by HAKS helped to determine that a new “rainscreen” cladding design (pictured) would be the optimum solution to protect, upgrade and update the aging buildings. The new cladding will wrap the restored brick façades and provide an R22 insulation value while incorporating a terracotta and metal panel exterior. Triple pane, low E windows and new R25 insulated roofs will complete the building envelope upgrades. Improvements to energy usage will allow better overall comfort for the residents and a significant reduction in the design and size of the new boilers.