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SUNY Cortland Studio West Alterations


HAKS performed complete structural design services for the addition to an existing building on the campus of SUNY Cortland. The project was designed to obtain a LEED silver certification. 

In response to the college’s growing need for additional space and more modern up-to-date facilities for its professional studies, a design team was commissioned to redesign the existing Studio West building. Upon review, it was decided that the program would involve adding a new two-story building, with penthouse and garage, adjacent to the existing one-story warehouse-type building. Additionally, two new skylights and new storefront openings were incorporated into the existing building, which required modifying and adding new structural components. The inclusion of a 30-foot free-standing sculpture at the building entrance, various site walls, and free-standing screen walls also enhanced the image of what would become the completed Studio West facility. 

For the new structure, HAKS’ scope included complete structural design of all elements, including concrete slabs on grade, new concrete footings and pedestals, steel moment frames, elevator pit and framing, masonry site walls and a brick and metal contemporary-looking facade. The existing structure required new framing for skylights, steel canopies and steel dunnage for mechanical equipment on the roof. Design work also included backfilling an existing parking area and loading dock in order to introduce a new finished concrete floor.