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New Jersey State House Annex Basement Remediation


HAKS is providing architectural, MEP and environmental services to the New Jersey Treasury Department Division of Property Management and Construction to resolve issues due to water infiltration and high humidity levels and to upgrade the HVAC system in the east basement of the historic New Jersey State House Annex. An independent investigation of the cause of the water infiltration is aimed at testing for hazardous materials (in particular asbestos-containing materials and lead-based paints) and nondestructive infrared thermography of the pipe chase, basement windows and exterior east wall; and type and thickness of the foundation wall. Window and louver sills, areaway walls, and slabs and drains are also being tested. Investigation of the HVAC system includes the air handling unit, fan coil units, controls, pipe insulation, condensate piping, piping chase, French drain and roof drain piping.

At a minimum, remediation work will involve removal of the perimeter drywall chase wall to a height of 3.5 feet above the floor level and the carpet approximately 1.5 feet from the base of the wall under controlled conditions and with personal protective equipment. All mold-impacted fiberglass pipe insulation will also be removed. The carpeting will be cleaned and set aside for reinstallation and the chase area HEPA vacuumed and cleaned with a microbial biocide. The area will be encapsulated with a microbial encapsulant. Air-handling unit #9 and associated supply ductwork (feeding the rooms in question) will be cleaned in accordance with National Air Duct Cleaners Association standards.