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New Jersey Training School for Boys Community House

Jamesburg, New Jersey<br style='line-height:2px'>New Jersey Division of Property Management and Construction

HAKS is providing design and specifications for an ADA ramp and secondary means of egress for the first floor of the Community House at the New Jersey Training School for Boys. The Juvenile Justice Commission operates it as a medium-security facility housing approximately 325 juvenile criminal offenders and a staff of 176. The Community House is a multi-purpose, two-story brick and masonry structure. The first floor is used as an indoor assembly area. The lower level, or basement, is accessible at grade from the rear of the building and contains an electrical and masonry shop. 

The fire code requires a secondary means of egress for the first floor. HAKS has designed two options: a covered set of stairs off of the back of the building or one off the left side of the building. The corner window at the building’s rear would be removed and the opening enlarged to accommodate the new 48-inch fire-rated egress door that would accommodate 50% of the total occupancy as required by code. HAKS will design the steel structure for the new exterior stairs and platform and emergency lighting fixtures. Electrical conduits along the base of the wall at the site of the emergency exit may have to be relocated.   

HAKS will also replace the main entrance’s temporary metal ramp with a permanent barrier-free ADA access ramp. The new ramp will be a reinforced concrete structural slab with railings on concrete walls on narrow spread footings. HAKS will use ground penetrating radar to locate underground utilities that may impact the location of the footings. The new ramp and egress stair work will be performed during normal business hours when the Community House and other buildings are open and occupied. We will take precaution to address possible noise concerns and security issues. Additionally, the fire and life safety systems must be preserved and left operational during construction.