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Virginia Street/Carolina Drive Drainage Improvements


HAKS prepared a topographic survey, drainage analysis and design of Virginia Street/Carolina Drive to improve drainage for the Town of Clarkstown. Our primary task was to provide a technically sound yet cost-efficient solution to the current drainage issues in the project area. Design recommendations included several new catch basins, installation of drainage detention basins, and new piping to accommodate these improvements. Based on our analysis and design efforts, we produced a comprehensive set of contract documents.

The topographic survey incorporated the Rockland County Aerial 2000 topographic data. This comprehensive survey included pipe locations and sizes, inverts and outfalls. A hydraulic model for the proposed improvements was also developed.

Project tasks included:

  • Topographic survey using GPS and conventional methods
  • Hydrologic analysis of the 187-acre site for 10-, 25- and 50-year storm frequencies
  • Development of a drainage model using StormCAD software and HEC requirements
  • Preparation of a Comprehensive Drainage Report
  • Design of new drainage systems, including detention basins and outflow improvements
  • Preparation of drainage easement documentation
  • New York State SEQR and SPDES documentation
  • Contract plans, specifications and construction cost estimate