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Bear Mountain Bridge Retaining Wall

Peekskill, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>New York State Bridge Authority

HAKS performed structural analysis and rehabilitation design of a 200-foot-long, 35-foot-high stone retaining wall adjacent to the Bear Mountain Bridge in Peekskill for the New York State Bridge Authority. Field testing, probes and borings were used to determine the design parameters necessary to complete the work. HAKS prepared a complete set of bid documents to support a public letting for construction of the replacement wall, provided design support during construction, and participated in the final inspection.

After inspecting the wall, we developed several design alternatives to ensure the safety of the structure. The recommended option involved a combination of strengthening and stress relief. The wall was rehabilitated via repointing and replacement of missing stone masonry. A new precast retaining wall was designed for construction directly adjacent to the existing wall to relieve earth pressures.

The new wall, consisting of soldier piles with lagging and buttress, was constructed using drilled shaft piles and precast concrete panels. The design criteria were 250 pounds per square foot live load surcharge; factor of safety of 1.5 against sliding and 2.0 against overturning; embedment length of soldier piles 20% above design requirements; and depth of penetration length of anchorage 20% above design requirements. Design also included roadway drainage improvements, architectural detailing and landscaping.

Benefits of the replacement include environmental protection, prevention of soil erosion, and reduced maintenance requirements. The improvement will have no adverse effects on the environment.