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2010 Manhattan Bridge Biennial Inspection and Inventory

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>New York State Department of Transportation

HAKS performed the 2010 general bridge inspection and bridge inventory of the Manhattan Bridge for the NYSDOT and the owner, the NYCDOT. The inspection focused on accessing critical members and areas of the bridge and bridge approaches for hands-on inspection, including the main cables, trusses, floor system, deck, towers, anchorages, piers and abutments. Access was gained by using walking, climbing, travelers, scissor lifts, rigging, rolling platforms, the bridge’s moving platforms, manlifts, ladders and underbridge inspection units. Extensive maintenance and protection of traffic was required to inspect above-deck elements and street-level sections of the approaches.

Project accomplishments included:

  • Through careful planning and coordination, HAKS provided a significant cost savings to the client. HAKS utilized the contractor’s G.O. and flagmen, thus saving $50,000. An additional $40,000 was saved by utilizing the contractor’s scaffolding and lane closures.
  • HAKS issued 117 structural and safety flags, of which 89 were new.
  • HAKS discovered over 100 new fatigue cracks produced by the bridge's out-of-plane bending caused by asymmetrical loading of the two subway tracks.
  • Excellent coordination with ongoing construction and with NYSDOT, NYCDOT, NYPD and NYCT.

The project received the 2012 ACEC New York Platinum Award for Engineering Excellence.