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Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts


The Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School for the Arts, built in 1956, serves grades 6 through 12, including SE. The school specializes in developing arts education through music, dance, theater, painting, sculpture, graphics and photography, along with the required school curriculum.

HAKS designed a multi-media library and MAC computer tech lab to showcase what could be achieved in these school spaces by developing a “prototype” for future projects. The design included the interiors, including furniture, finishes, wood casework, specialty lighting, color schemes and, most importantly, selected artwork to enhance its focus as an Arts School Library.

The 2,565-square-foot library includes the typical circulation desk, bookcases, librarian office, study areas and student research areas but also incorporates a flexible MAC laptop area for teaching computer graphics and a MAC Computer Tech Room for personal practice time. The design is based upon a classic center hall library with the circulation desk anchoring one end and establishing a point of visual control with the flexible MAC classroom spaces at the other. Built-in wood bookcases along the perimeter walls and free-standing half-height wood bookcases in the center of the elongated space create nodes for group or independent study. The library is enhanced by wood paneling along the column lines to create rhythm and a sense of scale for each defined area. HAKS selected a mix of modern and classical sculptures, paintings, drawings, tapestries, photography and pottery to enhance the overall look of the room and to inspire students pursuing careers in the arts. As the program flourishes, it is the intent to add student art work to the base collection on a permanent and rotating basis.