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Palisade Avenue Retaining Wall

Bronx, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Department of Design and Construction

HAKS was part of the team providing on-call design of retaining walls and related engineering services for the Palisade Avenue retaining wall in the Spuyten Duyvil section of the Bronx, at the southern end of the Riverdale Special Natural Area District. The 252-foot-long, dry rubble stone masonry wall varies in height from 2 to 35 feet. It retains Palisade Avenue on the top, standing approximately 15 feet higher than a parking lot at the bottom of the wall. Most of the wall length is on curved alignment with a radius of 140 feet.

HAKS evaluated the condition of the stone masonry wall, which exhibited loose/missing mortar over most of its length, and had slightly displaced stone at some locations. Because of its age and the recent failure of a similar stone masonry wall in the region, the team recommended that the stone masonry be strengthened and that corrective remedial measures taken.

The project team took into account the difficulties that would be encountered during construction because of the steep slope, ROW encroachment and proximity of the wall to the existing roadway. As a result, the engineers developed several viable options for rehabilitating the wall: wall strengthening by installing concrete buttresses; partial replacement by installing cantilever soldier piles and lagging; constructing a new supplemental wall; complete replacement with a new gravity wall; and complete replacement with a new cantilever wall on pile foundation.

The new retaining wall was built using partial replacement by installing cantilever soldier piles and lagging because this approach did not require a permanent easement and would provide substantially improved stability of the structure including seismic stability.