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Sunset Avenue Basin Retrofit

Ocean County, New Jersey<br style='line-height:2px'>Ocean County Engineering Company

HAKS provided design and environmental permitting for the retrofit of the Sunset Avenue Stormwater Basin as part of the Gravel Wetland Stormwater Best Management Practice project in Ocean County.  The project employed subsurface gravel wetlands to improve water quality for runoff that discharges into the Barnegat Bay. The work was performed for the Ocean County Engineering Department with approvals by the NJDEP. Funding for the project was provided by the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust Program.

The basin was designed and permitted to be retrofitted with an underground wetland system to help reduce nitrogen loading to Barnegat Bay. The design portion of the project involved analyzing and redesigning the existing stormwater facility to function as a subsurface gravel wetland by excavating the basin bottom to provide a combined gravel and pipe system that will store rainfall and route it through flow control components to clean and remove nitrogen before discharging it. The project was designed using NJDOT standard specifications with site-specific supplements. The result of the construction will be a substantial water quality improvement of the discharge of this stormwater facility while maintaining the flood control capabilities of the basin.