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Sweet Brook Stream Restoration


HAKS provided construction support services to the New York City Department of Design and Construction for the construction of culverts, chambers, new roadways and stormwater best management practices (BMP) for the restoration of Sweet Brook Stream in Staten Island. Sites within the general project area were designated as freshwater wetlands. The work included construction of hydraulic facilities for treating and conveying runoff where the storm sewer system discharged into the Bluebelt property of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

The BMP installations enhanced the environmental aspects of the project. The banks along the stream were restored and stabilized using coconut rolls, stones and rock cross vanes. Fieldstone inlet and outlet protection and stilling basins were constructed at various locations along the stream. Erosion control measures included construction area delineation fences, sediment traps, diversion swales, pipes and storm drain inlet protection. Area cleanup upon completion of the work included debris removal, landscaping, access restriction and removal of encroachments.

Work in the streets included installment of storm and sanitary sewer segments, water main offsets, paving and new curbs and sidewalks.