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Stony Brook University Parking Garage Egress

Stony Brook, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

HAKS was commissioned to provide professional services for Stony Brook University related to the institution’s campus feasibility study. There were two areas of concentration related to existing parking structures and planning for future parking. 

Initially, our Architecture Department conducted on-site surveys to locate and document access and egress pathways, ADA accessibility, elevator locations and general functionality. After the study was completed, the University requested a conceptual design for a structure and building envelope that would join the two separate garages into one unified structure. Two design concepts were developed, one of which included green elements such as native plant materials, photovoltaic cells, compact rooftop wind turbines, environmentally preferred materials and other features that could allow the parking facility to be LEED certified. 

HAKS’ Survey Group carried out metes and bounds surveys with descriptions of three parcels of land being considered for additional parking locations. The configurations were developed and submitted as part of the study. Surveyors also collected roof drainage output measurements and structural information for sewers carrying runoff within the project limits. Sewer measurements determined the drain invert elevations as well as sewer material, diameter, and condition. Hydraulic calculations were made using site measurements to determine what percentage of future roof drain disbursements would contribute to the area’s overall sewer flow volume. 

Estimates were prepared to cover all conceptual construction work, the addition of surface and elevated parking lots in multiple locations, five additional roadways and a pedestrian bridge. The cost for all phases of work was estimated at $120 million.