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Flushing River Sewershed Greenstreets

Flushing, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

HAKS assisted the NYCDPR with the design of greenstreets and right-of-way bio-swales for sites within the Flushing River Sewershed. The project addresses an NYSDEC Consent Order pertaining to the reduction of sewage flows to open water without treatment.  The project was funded through the NYCDEP and NYCDPR designed each site and is responsible for future maintenance.  It employs urban bio-swales for detention and retention of storm water runoff prior to discharge to the combined sewage system.

HAKS procured soil borings and permeability testing according to protocol developed by the NYCDEP Green Infrastructure group for 50 locations. We procured a soil boring contractor, inspected the work in the field, witnessed permeability testing, characterized the soil strata and presented a report summarizing our findings. We also assisted in determining whether the pilot sites were feasible with respect to adjacent buildings on private property, existing utilities (aerial and subsurface), NYCDOT traffic regulations and parking stipulations and effects on other agency properties.  Separate walk-throughs with NYCDOT and NYCDEP were held to agree on the selected sites.

HAKS also performed topographic surveys according to NYCDDC requirements for each site.