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Metro-North Railroad Bridge Replacement over Atlantic Street


The Metro-North Railroad (MNR) Bridge over Atlantic Street is a riveted steel thru-girder structure supported by brownstone masonry abutments and steel pier bents.  The Atlantic Street underpass serves as a gateway between the Stamford central business district and areas south of the rail corridor, which has experienced major development and rapid population growth. The structure is functionally obsolete due to its narrow width and minimal vertical clearance of just over 12 feet.

HAKS is providing construction engineering and inspection services to ConnDOT for replacement of the bidge and associated catenary work.  The $74.8 million project will improve the horizontal and vertical geometry of Atlantic Street; expand the Stamford Transportation Center by providing an additional track and platform; provide additional travel lanes on Atlantic Street; and improve pedestrian circulation near the Transportation Center.

The new bridge will consist of concrete-encased steel girders supported by concrete abutments with a center pier. Accelerated bridge construction will minimize impacts to rail, vehicular, and pedestrian traffic. Removable temporary spans will carry individual tracks over the roadway to minimize disruption to rail service during construction of the new substructure.  Assembly of six new superstructure spans at a remote location will minimize disruption to roadway traffic, thereby reducing the required detour from approximately five years to six months.

Concrete form liners or other means will be used to recreate the aesthetic elements of the MNR Bridge. To meet vertical clearance standards, Atlantic Street will be lowered by approximately 4.5 feet. Extensive utility relocations and modifications will accommodate the revised bridge structure and the new profile of Atlantic Street.