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Borden Avenue Bridge Emergency Reconstruction


HAKS provided Resident Engineering Inspection services to the New York City Department of Transportation for a $44 million emergency project that entailed reconstructing the west abutment and wing walls of the Borden Avenue Bridge in Long Island City, Queens. The bridge was closed to traffic due to eastward movement of the bridge abutment away from the wing walls and into the Dutch Kills. There was a 12-inch crack on the south wing wall and separation of the wing wall and abutment; there was a similar but smaller crack on the north wing wall and rotation of the abutment.

An option to stabilize the abutment was discarded in favor of full reconstruction of the abutment and wing walls. Work included removal and resetting of the 100-year-old fascia stones, removal and replacement of the bridge railing, street lighting replacement, gas main relocation, pavement and sidewalk reconstruction, new fender system and dolphins, and rehabilitation of the roller bearings. Major reconstruction involved installing a steel-sheeted cofferdam around the abutment and wing walls, dewatering the cofferdam, demolishing the timber-relieving platform beneath the wing walls and the concrete abutment, excavating the cofferdam to elevation -28.0, driving H-piles for the footing, constructing a reinforced pile-supported footing for the abutment and wing walls, constructing reinforced abutment and wing wall stems, bridge seats and pedestals, and replacing the armored joint. 

Deep wells were drilled below the clay strata to alleviate upward pressure and prevent a blow-out of the clay layer. Wells were also used above the clay layer to remove water from the cofferdam and allow construction operations.