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Grand Street Trunk Water Main


A HAKS-led joint venture is providing Resident Engineering Inspection services to the New York City Department of Design and Construction for a two-phase, $67 million trunk water main installation project on Grand Street in Lower Manhattan. The project spans 15 blocks from Broadway to Essex Street within the heavily trafficked Chinatown, Little Italy and Lower East Side and crosses New York City Transit facilities and subway lines. 

The $37 million Phase 1, completed in October 2014, connects the Grand Street trunk at Lafayette Street to the Third City Water Tunnel. This is part of a $260 million program that the joint venture is overseeing to connect the Third City Water Tunnel to the system. 

Phase 1 included the installation of a 36-inch steel trunk main running east-west along the north side of Grand Street and a 20-inch ductile iron main on the south side of Grand Street, as well as valve-controlled interconnections between trunk and distribution mains, butterfly valves, insulated flanged joints, and reinforced concrete water supply chambers. 

The $30 million Phase 2 will extend the new water main and distribution water mains by 1,700 feet, storm and sanitary sewers will be repaired or replaced, all roadways will be reconstructed and most curbs and sidewalks replaced. Extensive, multi-lingual community outreach was a component of the project. 

Our work encompassed detailed inspections of all components of the mains, on-site testing of construction and site materials, field measurements and data collection for monthly and final construction estimates, progress reports, and preparation of record plans.  We also provided a Quality Management System to meet client requirements, including continual improvement and prevention of non-conformances.