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I-95 Norwalk Interchange 14 and 15 and Route 1 Improvements


HAKS is providing Construction Engineering and Inspection services to the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) for the widening of I-95 to extend and add deceleration lanes, reconfigure the southbound Exit 14 Interchange, and widen exiting ramps at Interchanges 14 and 15 on I-95 to provide improved access to U.S. Route 1 and the interstate.   The addition of operational lanes and revised ramps will provide for improved traffic flow and increased storage on the ramps. This work requires full replacement of three bridges crossing over I-95 within the project limits—Taylor Avenue, Cedar Street and Fairfield Avenue.

Additional improvements along I-95 include median highway illumination, which extends beyond the western project limit to Exit 13; additional overhead signing; and substantial drainage improvements. The drainage improvements consist of installing a new trunk line parallel to the I-95 southbound right shoulder that will discharge into a new detention basin to be constructed within the grassed infield area of the West Avenue to I-95 southbound entrance ramp. The adjacent section of Route 1 (Connecticut Avenue) is also heavily congested with vehicular and pedestrian traffic and populated with dense commercial and residential properties throughout the project limits. Soils from these areas were removed to a waste stockpile area for further testing. Contaminated material was removed to a certified disposal facility, while materials found to be suitable for reuse were recycled into the project. The widening of Route 1 will provide exclusive turning lanes and improved signalization through the three major intersections at Taylor Avenue, Cedar Street and Fairfield Avenue. To accommodate the widening, an advance project will be pursued to relocate the numerous existing utilities along Route 1.

Stringent coordination among the City of Norwalk, ConnDOT and the Bridgeport traffic command center has been critical to the project.

The project received the 2016 ACEC New York Platinum Award.