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Building Condition Assessment Survey of New York City Schools 2015-2016


HAKS is performing the third cycle of assessments of building conditions of school facilities for the NYC School Construction Authority/Department of Education (SCA/DOE). Inspection data will be implemented into a Capital Plan to maintain building assets in a state of good repair.

Approximately 660 buildings totaling 54.5 million square feet are inspected per cycle. Assessments are made of the building systems, including the mechanical and electrical systems and the asset site areas. Site inspections include paved surfaces, playgrounds, drainage, site furniture and other appurtenances. Building inspections include all exterior and interior components such as façade, roof, stairs, structure, windows and interior finishes. Electrical systems include panel/switchboards, lighting, communication systems, security systems, fire alarm systems and other major electrical systems. Mechanical inspections include heating plants, HVAC equipment and other auxiliary systems. Each component is rated on a scale of Condition 1 to 5 and given an estimated “remaining useful life” (in years). Component deficiencies are identified and quantified and an action to repair, replace or maintain is recommended along with a time period in which to repair/replace each deficiency.