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Ravenswood Houses Site Lighting Upgrade


The New York City Housing Authority’s Ravenswood Houses is composed of 31 six- and seven-story buildings with 2,163 apartments. Originally completed in 1951, the 38.3-acre development is bordered by 12th and 24th Streets and 34th and 36th Avenues.

To maintain safety, HAKS prepared an assessment report of existing site lighting at and around the Ravenswood housing complex, developed a comprehensive site lighting design, prepared construction documents and provided construction administration for the $3.8 million project.

In general, site lighting at Ravenswood Houses was composed of wall packs and wall bracket arms at the buildings, street lighting poles with cobra-head luminaires and floodlights, and park-style light poles with top luminaires. The lamps are mostly high-pressure sodium while some of the lamps at a few canopies are surface-mounted fluorescent. Playground areas did not have direct lighting, but some were illunimated by the light fixtures illuminating walkways. Some wall pack light fixtures on the perimeter of buildings and light poles were off at all times, creating shadows and dark areas at various locations.

HAKS developed a design recommending new LED lighting at existing locations and to augment this lighting with new LED lights at new locations to obtain the recommended foot-candle ratio of 5:1 Ave/Min and 15:1 Max/Min, resulting in uniform lighting. In addition, HAKS replaced existing fuse panels with new molded-case circuit breaker panels at appropriate locations as per code requirements. The existing lighting controls were replaced with new photocells, time-clocks and bypass switches as required.