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Senior Citizen High-Rise Security Systems

Elizabeth, NJ<br style='line-height:2px'>Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth

HAKS enhanced outdated proximity access and video monitoring systems at four senior citizen high-rise buildings owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth—the 10-story, 250-unit Farley Towers; the eight-story, 125-unit Kennedy Arms; the 11-story, 126-unit Ford-Leonard Towers; and the eight-story, 100-unit O’Donnell-Dempsey Towers.

Our condition assessment considered the following systems:

  • Access control system for entrances on the ground floor of each building
  • Integration of the intercom system of each apartment with the new access control system to enable residents to control access to the buildings
  • Camera replacements, upgrade to digital recording system and integration into the access control system
  • Computer monitoring and record of access to/from each facility
  • Cable infrastructure for in-building transmission to support the system
  • Cost-effective telecommunications to allow central monitoring of surveillance data in addition to local on-site monitoring

Our recommendations included:

  • Access control featuring biometric optical scanners
  • Smart card technology linked to other applications
  • Enhanced cameras integrated into building systems
  • Enhanced digital recording features
  • Motion sensors in corridors and stairways
  • Intercom system upgrades
  • Communications networks
  • ADA compliance issues, including reconfiguration of buildings and entranceways

The project received the ACEC-New Jersey Distinguished Award.