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Swatara Creek Bridge Subsurface Utility Engineering


HAKS provided project management, final design and preparation of bid documents to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission for the replacement and widening of the Swatara Creek Bridge, which carries the Pennsylvania Turnpike over Swatara Creek and Swatara Creek Road. The existing bridge is approximately 620 feet long and is being replaced with a four-span continuous, steel plate girder structure. The assignment also includes replacing and widening mainline structures carrying the Turnpike over Vine Street (SR 2003) and over the Middletown/Hummelstown Railroad. 

The project design required subsurface storm sewer utilities to be installed crossing both Vine Street and Swatara Creek Road. Underground communication lines, gas lines, sanitary sewer and water utilities exist in both roads. The horizontal locations and depths of these existing utilities were critical to the design and had to be obtained.

HAKS contacted the Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. to request the mark out of underground utilities and obtain existing plans from the respective utility companies. The HAKS utility designating survey crew, using a radiodetection cable and pipe locator (M-Scope), confirmed the mark outs performed by the utility companies. Using ground penetrating radar instruments, the crew determined the approximate depths of the existing utilities at the proposed storm sewer location. 

Test holes were required to determine the exact horizontal and vertical location of the existing utilities. Test holes locations were staked at the proposed storm sewer locations by HAKS. Excavation “pot holing” carefully exposed the existing utilities for the safety of personnel, public and surrounding properties. Excavation was performed by air vacuum techniques. The horizontal and vertical locations of the exposed utilities were obtained by traditional land survey methods.