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Collect Pond Park Reconstruction


HAKS designed the complete reconstruction of Collect Pond Park, which encompasses a full city block adjacent to court buildings in an extremely busy section of Lower Manhattan. The work was performed under an on-call agreement with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. The $4.4 million reconstruction converted a vehicular parking lot into space for passive recreation. 

The project featured design of a shallow pond with a pedestrian bridge, interactive ground sprays, trees and landscape plantings, architectural paving, curbs, sidewalks, benches, game tables, fencing and lighting. The pond design was complicated by the presence of a building below grade upon which the pond was constructed. 

Design work also included new city sidewalks and reconstruction of several New York City Transit ventilation gratings. The New York City Department of Transportation implemented significant provisions for maintenance and protection of pedestrian traffic on the surrounding busy city sidewalks. New stormwater sewer site connections, a new sewer through the site, site drainage piping, private utility relocations, NYCDEP water service with backflow preventer, electrical service for site amenities and separate electrical service for site lighting were required.