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DGS School Facility Condition Assessments


HAKS, as a team member,  is performing facility condition assessments of school assets in support of DGS' comprehensive repair, alteration and improvement program. Each assessment involves a visual, non-destructive evaluation of the entire facility, including grounds and building components and systems to determine their remaining useful life and the timing and extent of required capital and maintenance expenditures over the next 10 years.  

We are visually inspecting and assessing the condition of all architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical components/systems; identifying maintenance, repair and replacement requirements; and recommending upgrades and system improvements. Deficiencies are prioritized and classified by category. The data is collected using 4tell’s iPlan data collection tool. 

Surveys are conducted with the understanding that school buildings and grounds are dynamic environments that hundreds, perhaps thousands, use daily for various activities.  We work closely with school administrations in scheduling inspections and ensuring that knowledgeable school staff are available to escort the field team. To date, HAKS has performed assessments of over 40 schools.