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P.S. 184 Structural Repairs


P.S. 184 in Brooklyn was originally completed in 1922. There have been no additions to the building from the original design. The school serves approximately 525 students inclusive of grades PK to 8th grade. The building is five stories with a cellar and bulkheads at the roof. There are two symmetrical shallow courts at the Newport Street (front) elevation and deeper courts with playgrounds at the rear of the building.

The structural system for the building consisted of concrete-encased steel framing (beams and columns), with concrete foundations and bearing walls and brick exterior masonry walls. The scope investigation reported the first floor concrete slab and foundation walls showed signs of extensive water damage with rusted concrete encased beams and columns. Cracks and spalls were observed at the cellar level foundation walls and first floor concrete slab. Six areaways were reported in poor condition with water infiltration and extensive water damage adjacent to and directly linked to the areaways.

An investigation found two of the areaways were closed and filled with a concrete slab and asphaltic topping, and evidence that major water infiltration occurs at these two areaways. Water infiltration and vegetative growth were also observed at the exterior walls, including the ventilation heating stack structures.

The project involved the repair of the structural cracks at the foundation wall with excavation and underpinning at two locations with cracks. Cracks were also repaired at the underside of the first floor concrete beams. Work also included the replacement of deteriorated sections of slab on grade at the cellar level and at the main entrance; demolition of two areaways and installation of new reinforced CMU wall to close areaway openings at the cellar; and repointing exterior brick at ventilation heating stack structures with fluid-applied roof membrane replacement.