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Bronx Park Middle School Upgrade


Bronx Park Middle School, I.S. X556, is located at 2441 Wallace Avenue in the Bronx, and was completed in 1956. The project that HAKS was commissioned to design is the conversion of separate boys’ and girls’ lockers rooms, showers and toilets located at the basement level to a separate fitness center and a dance studio, with separate boys’ and girls’ locker rooms.

Demolition of the masonry partition that separated the two locker rooms creates a new combined space of approximately 4,130 square feet. There is no sprinkler system in the basement, and there is no air conditioning in the existing locker rooms. Exhaust ventilation was provided via ductwork in a remote fan room.

The design created a new 2,160-square-foot fitness center and a new 1,100-square-foot dance studio. The remaining 900 square feetwere developed into separate boys’ and girls’ locker rooms with all new equipment, finishes and shower/restroom areas.

New wall and floor finishes were installed, including maple wood flooring at the dance studio, and a synthetic flooring system at the fitness center. Ceramic tile was installed on all new wall surfaces. Various waste lines that were found to be broken or corroded were replaced.

New energy-efficient light fixtures were installed and a split system HVAC unit with new ductwork provides conditioned air to the fitness center and dance studio. The condenser was located at the 2nd floor roof.