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SCA Emergency Response Program


Under two separate on-call contracts totaling $100 million, HAKS is providing emergency response construction management services to the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA).  When called, HAKS mobilizes personnel within two hours of notification and procures equipment to correct, stabilize and/or eliminate hazardous conditions at public schools throughout the city.  Once on site, we assess the damage and provide assistance to mitigate the situation.

As part of our response, HAKS is performing expedited work for the SCA during school holidays and summer vacations so that the schools can re-open without incident. HAKS’ personnel are on call 24/7 to provide immediate evaluations and take necessary steps for remediation.

HAKS has in excess of 70 task orders ongoing or completed for these contracts, which began in August 2012 and are scheduled to expire in February 2017. Services have included restoration of boiler plants and classrooms after Hurricane Sandy, replacement of fire pumps, restoration of classrooms following a fire, stabilization of a building façade after a vehicular accident, erection of more than 10,000 linear feet of sidewalk shed, removal of Department of Buildings violations, restoration of fencing, protection of statues from vandalism, repair/replacement of PA systems, as well as provision of labor resources for SCA’s use in the completion of projects in need of schedule recovery.

The majority of the work is performed under the SCA Project Labor Agreement and takes place after school hours at night and on weekends.