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NYCDEP/NYCHA Water Metering Program

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Department of Environmental Protection/New York City Housing Authority

HAKS is providing condition assessment services as a team member for the $18 million NYCHA Water Metering Program, which is intended to introduce metering to 117 developments (870 buildings) in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx to comply with the city’s Multi-Family Conservation Program.   We reviewed general conditions, including number of buildings, nature of occupancy, population, number and size of water services, service pressures, and Department of Buildings information on fire protection systems.

Our condition assessment involved site surveys at each development in order to identify appropriate locations for installation of water meters.  These site surveys assessed site conditions against New York City Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Customer Services and Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations requirements, specifically to identify locations of curb valves, confirm water service locations and sizes, record available space and access constraints in potential meter locations, and create a photographic inventory of site conditions.  HAKS also described fire protection systems as they relate to proposed backflow prevention device (BPD) applications.

Based on field observations, we developed preliminary recommendations for meter and BPD locations, type and installation configuration.  The deliverable for each proposed installation included photographic inventory, completed site assessment forms, and sketches of existing water services and one-line schematics of relevant plumbing systems.