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Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant

East Rockaway, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>Nassau County Department of Public Works

HAKS is providing construction management services to the Nassau County DPW for the $10.2 million million final settling tank rehabilitation at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in East Rockaway. The plant treats approximately 43% of Nassau County’s wastewater. HAKS’ services include resident engineering, office engineering, inspection, CPM scheduling and cost estimating.

General construction pertaining to all final settling tanks involves: demolition and removal of the sludge collection and scum removal systems; installation of new local control stations, local control panel and instrumentation and control panels; installation, testing, training, and start-up of new sludge collection systems; installation, testing, training, and start-up of new scum removal systems; and concrete repair work completed on a unit cost basis. The general contractor will rehabilitate the primary settling tanks under a 45-day per-tank schedule.

The electrical upgrade involves removal of all power and control cables for the sludge collection systems and scum removal; re-use of existing conduits, with some conduit removal and new conduits; new cables, testing, and start-up of new sludge and scum collection systems; testing of starters and circuit breakers in motor control centers and tracing all wiring for each. Existing starters and circuit breakers will be re-used. The upgrade will include furnishing and installing temporary power to all prime contractors’ staging areas.

HAKS has identified and is managing critical issues such as maintenance of plant operations, confined space, environmental health and safety, hazardous materials, and quality assurance/quality control.