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Calamus Avenue Combined Sewer and Water Main Replacement


HAKS is providing resident engineering inspection services for the $30 million replacement of combined sewers in Calamus Avenue between 69th and 74th Streets, and 69th Street between Calamus Avenue and Queens Boulevard, and water main replacement between 69th and 74th Streets for the New York City Department of Design and Construction. The project is located in a heavily congested area with residential and commercial buildings on 69th Street and mainly residential buildings on Calamus Avenue.  

Due to flooding conditions and sewer backups in the area, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection decided to add an extra combined sewer, a 5- x 8-foot box culvert and numerous catch basins and inlets. The project also includes provisions for underpinning adjacent structures. Sewer work covers the installation of 5- x 8-foot reinforced concrete pipe combined sewers along 69th Street and along Calamus Avenue. Water main work on 69th Street calls for the replacement of 8-inch crossings at the intersections and installation of a 12-inch water main from Garfield Avenue to Maurice Avenue. On Calamus Avenue, the 8-inch water main interferes with the combined sewer, so this main is being replaced with a 12-inch water main on the other side of the street.

Other project elements include fire alarm, street light and signal maintenance; roadway work and restoration, including trench restoration and asphalt overlay; curb and sidewalk work and restoration, including ADA pedestrian ramps; landscaping; underground utilities; maintenance and protection of traffic; and community outreach.