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Alley Creek CSO Abatement Facility and Wetlands Restoration

Queens, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Department of Environmental Protection

HAKS provided construction management services for the $35 million upgrade and rehabilitation of the Alley Creek combined sewer overflow (CSO) abatement facilities and the $24 million restoration of the 16-acre section of Alley Creek Park adjacent to the CSO facility in Queens, New York.

The project included:

  • Complete upgrade of the existing Old Douglaston Pump Station with renovation/rehabilitation of the existing structure and process equipment, and HVAC, plumbing, electrical and associated controls work
  • Upgraded station from 3 to 5 MGD by the installation of four new pumps of greater capacity
  • Demolition, rehabilitation and reconstruction of two existing outfalls, which involved temporary roadway construction through adjacent wetlands
  • Activation of the CSO Retention Facility, which was constructed under Phase I of this work
  • Restoration of 8 acres of tidal wetlands and 8 acres of coastal grasslands
  • Excavation and grading to restore historic tidal flows
  • Planting of 320,000 cordgrass plugs and 2,000 trees
  • Construction of walkways and an observation deck for viewing wildlife
  • Facility commissioning

 This project reduced CSO events into Alley Creek, thereby improving the water quality in Alley Creek and the surrounding community, and re-established a vibrant tidal wetland habitat.