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Ballingers Dam

Burlington County, New Jersey<br style='line-height:2px'>Medford Lakes Colony

HAKS performed visual inspections of Ballingers Dam for Medford Lakes Colony after the dam was classified a significant hazard by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). HAKS subsequently performed soil and chemical testing of the lake bottom and took soil borings of the dam structure. Based on these studies, Medford Lakes Colony approved our recommendation for a full replacement of the dam, and we submitted a design with a 100-year storm as the design criterion.

Two years after the dam was completed, 13.4 inches of rain fell over the region, and the resulting flood flows breached many dams in the Medford Lakes area. Ballingers Lake Dam, however, survived with minor damage. Although the dam did overtop, the emergency spillway carried flow as designed and sustained no damage.

HAKS also designed an excavation of the lake bottom to provide more silt storage capacity, giving many more years before siltation became a problem. This work ran concurrently with dam reconstruction and was carried out when the lake was drained.   The challenge of properly disposing of excavated material was solved by purchasing space at the Burlington County Landfill, which reduced disposal travel time and client expenses.

The successful project transformed the dam into a valuable community asset that was able to survive the region’s worst storm in recorded history.