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Broadway Reconstruction from Ann to Rector Streets

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Department of Design and Construction

HAKS is providing REI services to the New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) for the replacement of aged water mains, sewers, street lights, traffic signals and utilities on Broadway from Ann to Rector Streets, including a new roadway with sidewalks and curbs. The $41.7 million project is receiving funding from the federal government. HAKS is addressing four key issues: 

  • Improved Project Management. HAKS implemented a state-of-the-art project management information system to provide 24/7 access to all project data via computer tablets and the Internet.
  • Technical/Construction Factors. Due to street bed utility congestion (gas, steam, electric, and communication), HAKS assessed conditions before beginning work and prepared a preconstruction report identifying major project tasks, including: mass excavation of the entire roadway to a depth of 5 feet to expose utilities and identify and remove abandoned facilities; Con Ed replacement and relocation of conduits, chambers, gas mains, steam lines and other utilities; New York City Transit protection of ducts, chambers, vaults, entrances, emergency exits and ventilation structures; water main replacement and upgrade by the city; sewer rehabilitation; curbs, sidewalks, fire alarms, street lights and traffic signals; roadway restoration and removal of trolley tracks; and tree mitigation.
  • Safety and Maintenance and Protection of Traffic for high volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and to maintain access to business and subway entrances.
  • Community Concerns. Minimize inconveniences and negative public impacts with outreach programs, public information and a project community construction liaison.