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New Jersey Turnpike Mainline Asphalt Resurfacing


HAKS supervised and inspected construction of the resurfacing of the northbound and southbound mainline of the New Jersey Turnpike from end to end under contract with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Work was advanced at multiple locations along the mainline and at ramps, interchanges and toll plazas. Lane closings were scheduled to keep traffic flowing safely, avoid congestion and maintain safe work zones.

Major aspects of the project included milling the asphalt pavement to variable depths, then laying intermediate and surface courses of Superpave hot-mix asphalt. Temporary pavement markings were installed as work progressed. When new pavement was completed, permanent thermoplastic striping and raised pavement markers were installed.

Careful planning and coordination were required to minimize interference with the Turnpike’s high speed and high traffic volume and to ensure that the resurfacing proceeded simultaneously with other work on the Turnpike.