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Interstate 287, Exit 8 Interchange Reconstruction

Harrison-White Plains, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>New York State Department of Transportation

HAKS provided REI services for a high-profile, $56 million reconstruction on I-287 for the NYSDOT that improved access to White Plains and Harrison, New York. The project involved the reconstruction of approximately 1.2 miles of existing road and construction of 0.8 miles of new road as well as removal/ replacement of two bridges and reconstruction of two bridge structures. A frontage bypass road was added to improve safety, alleviate congestion and permit the relocation of utilities and installation of an intelligent transportation system.

The project included the removal/replacement of the deficient Anderson Hill Road and White Plains Avenue bridges, construction of a new bridge over the Exit 8E ramp, and construction of a bridge structure over the Mamaroneck River. Gas and utility lines had to be excavated and relocated to the new bridges. New traffic signals and sidewalks were installed, new guiderails and ramps along a 1-mile section of I-287 were replaced, and a new drainage and storm management detention system was created.

HAKS conducted detailed inspections of all contractor and subcontractor operations and performed on-site materials testing, field measurements and data collection. HAKS also provided shop drawing and erection drawing review and administrative services for cost, progress and quality control. We monitored the contractor’s schedule and operations to ensure coordination with state and local agencies and affected communities.

The project required the relocation of a major natural gas pipeline that ran through the I-287 construction zone. Relocating and realigning Westchester Avenue created east- and westbound direct access roads from I-287 to White Plains that bypass the signal-controlled intersections, separating heavy traffic exiting I-287 from local roadway traffic. Tennessee Gas required that the gas pipeline be relocated without interruption of gas supply from November 1st to May 1st, delaying the project by 6 months. Verizon and Con Edison utility lines were also relocated while maintaining service.

Fast-track rescheduling to resequence and place critical path items on 10-hour, 6-day shifts resulted in substantial completion by the original December 2012 date. Weekly schedule review meetings were held with the contractor to identify potential risks and ensure that the contract followed the recovery schedule. As a result, the project was turned around and completed nine months ahead of the revised schedule to meet NYSDOT’s plan.

The project received the 2014 ACEC New York Platinum Award for Engineering Excellence.