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LaGuardia Airport Terminal Redevelopment Program


HAKS provided architectural support services for multiple projects at LaGuardia Airport (LGA) for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ). Some of these simultaneously occurring projects were:

Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant (CHRP) – Part of the Central Terminal Building Program. CHRP is an 80,660-square-foot four-story multifunctional and critical utility plant that generates and distributes chilled and hot water to the Central Terminal Building and provides remote monitoring and control of the terminal’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. It includes specialized mechanical spaces as well as employee facilities (lockers, restrooms and cafeteria for 50 people), offices, training/plan rooms and conference rooms. There is a 42-car parking garage with restricted access on the ground floor. The redevelopment of the Central Terminal Building necessitated the construction of a new CHRP in order to meet the increasing heating and cooling capacity demand of LGA. HAKS produced Stage I design phase, including coordination of all disciplines involved; and coordinated the implementation of the CHRP within the general development program as an architectural task leader for PANYNJ.

East Parking Garage. A multi-level parking garage with ground floor and five elevated decks, accommodating approximately 1,100 parking spaces, along with the development of the related site access, including accommodations for a future pedestrian connector bridge to the existing Terminal C. In addition to the traffic functional layouts and preliminary code analysis (egress analysis), HAKS reviewed and coordinated the work of different disciplines involved at this stage.

West Parking Garage. A grade level plus six supported levels of parking for a total capacity of approximately 3,130 vehicles. In addition to traffic functional layouts and preliminary code analysis (egress analysis), HAKS participated in the review and coordination of the work of different disciplines.

East End Substation – Part of the LGA Terminal Redevelopment Program. This project, like other buildings deemed critical for airport operations, is designed following the latest climate change projections/flood mitigation strategies. HAKS produced Stage I design phase and coordinated all contributing disciplines, and coordinated Stage III design phase and provided architectural support as architectural task leader for PANYNJ, including responses to comments from agencies reviewing the project responses to RFIs during the bid process.

Additional projects that are part of the LGA redevelopment program included East Exit Plaza and West Exit Plaza, East Field Lighting Vault and East Parking Garage to Terminal C Pedestrian Bridge.